Saturday, 27 March 2010

Lines in Hand Exhibition

For a documentary brief we had to produced and image
that portrayed the past and 'lines' of the city.

I photographed some old rail road tracks by Liverpool docks, as I looked up from the tracks, I noticed that the lines lead to a newly built building.

These images were then hung and exhibited in the Victoria Building!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Spirituality - Polytych

Spirituality - Polytych
A Polytych is an image that is made up of four, or more images, making one single image.

At first I thought of doing a project surrounding the idea of praying, how different religions do it and what it means to each religion. I decided not to go with my idea of photographing a range of different people praying, due to the fact that I was not able to engage with idea. I realised that this was not what I truly wanted for my project, and I felt that my idea to explore Spirituality around objects that remind me of my Grandmother would make more of an impact than simply photographing people praying.

I took a series of images in my Grandads house, which is filled with momentums and objects that strongly remind me of my Grandmother.

Isabella "Bella"

My Grandmother died around 6 - 7 years ago, around 2004, and ever since I have missed her terribly. Each time that I visit the house I say hello to her, as her ashes are in a glass fronted cupboard.

Below is the first draft of my Polytych:

While I was discussing my work with my tutor, we decided that the least strong of my polytych was the image that I placed in the top right hand corner; this photograph contains two photo frames and a small statue of an elderly man. We then decided to replace this image with another that included a side board, a glass bowl, some red flowers and two small statues of a woman and a man. This image fits in with the chosen photographs for my polytych more than the previous image I had chosen, due to the fact that it replicates the image in the opposite corner, which is at the bottom left hand side of
the polytych.

Below is the final version of my Polytych:

I miss my Nan very much, she was a very lovely, friendly person.

I still do and always will love you Nan! =)

Hope - Diptych

Hope - Diptych
A Diptych is a image that is made of two images.

At the time that we received this brief, my grandad, aged 87 at the time, was in hospital. I was so hopeful that he would soon be back on his feet, and home again for my next visit home from University. Therefore, I decided to use this situation as my inspiration for the theme of Hope.

"Big" Alf
(named big Alf because his son is also named Alf)

My Grandad means so much to me, and is one of the most important people in my life. Since my nan passed away around about 6 - 7 years ago, he has been in and out of hospital a bit more. I think on this occassion he had gone into hospital to get a pace maker fitted. Now 89 years, my Grandad believes himself able to do all the things he did when he was 30! For example, riding his bike to our house which is at least half an hour away.

Seeing my Grandad in hospital as a fragile old man really upset me, and through this project I was able to show how much I wanted him to get better and be his old self!

By photographing him in his hospital bed, and then comparing that with a photograph of his own bed at home, I was able to portray my longing for him to get better and come on home!

My Grandad has is now doing well and turned 90 years of age in November 2010!
I love you so much Grandad!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Fear - Triptych

Fear - Triptych
When I first read that one of the themes was fear, I instantly knew that I wanted to create and image that portrays the saying, 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil'. I found this image of three monkeys portraying this saying:

...And then realised I do not have access to monkeys, so I got the next best thing and asked a friend to model for me!

These images with the black background are the photographs I took for the theme of fear. I decided to ask a friend of mine, Stuart, to model for me as I thought it would be a good idea, seeing as he is quite tall and one of his hands can cover his whole face. For my final triptych, I decided to shoot Stuart and try to create a more unsettling, dark atmosphere to the photographs.

Below is the final image that I submitted for my assignment, I wanted to make these image darker but when I did do this they lost a lot of the details and also the relevant facial expressions made by Stu.

Diptych, Polytych and Triptych

This assignment, to me, was one of the most important that I produced for University.

To produce a coherent body of practical work that is defined in clear narrative and dyptich, triptych and polytych technique. To produce a word report for each photo story outlining your influences and approach.


Produce Three (3) pieces of work:
1.A Diptych
2.A Triptych
3.A Polytych

The themes are Fear, Hope and Spirituality. The images must link together via a clear narrative. You produce a word report for each photo story that explains your influences and approaches.

I chose to do one image for each of these themes, a polytych for Spirituality, a triptych for Fear, and then the Diptych for Hope.
I have decided to put my responce to each of these themes in an individual blog! I was really pleased with how these projects came out, and I glad that I got the opportunity to work with my good friend Stu, Grandad, and Grandmothers memory ♥

Friday, 19 March 2010

My Weapons of Choice

Lomography Action Sampler

35mm film Pentax MZ-50

Canon 400D

I enjoy using Canons because I think they are easier to use than Nikon or Sony cameras. Ideally one day I would like my own one of these:

Canon 5D Mark II

We have access to one of the Canon 5D Mark II's in University, so I think that has made me want one of my own. Don't get me wrong, I love my own Canon but I would love to own my own 5D, It would make me feel more like a professional photographer! =]

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Preston City Walk

For our first assignment for Uni, we were given a map of Preston and asked to following a mapped out route. While walking the route, we were asked to take a series of photographs surrounding five themes:


It took us 3 hours to complete the route, and below are some of my favourite images from the set I took.

^Housing^ *Entitled: Happy Birthday Door'*

^Industry^ *Entitled: 'Step by Step'*

^People / Transport^ *Entitled: 'Coming or Going'*

^Signage^ *Entitled: 'I Love Goats'*

^Housing / Signage^ *Entitled: 'Holly House Clogs'*

^Signage^ *Entitled: 'HRC'*

Dirty Little Secrets

This is a project I did for a college brief. I think that this is when I really took an interest in photography, it was for a Fine Art project, so I got to adapt this photography to fit the brief.
These pieces of work were actually displayed in the Atkinson Gallery in Southport!

*I want to say another massive thank you to all my models!
Amie Cooper
Thomas Roberts-Goulden

Stu Allardes
Alex Bellemey

Tori Fairley
Douglas Conn
I know some people were a bit weary when I told them they'd be blindfolded!*

^Amie Cooper : 'I stole a magnet from school'^

^Thomas Roberts-Goulden: 'I just don't trust anyone anymore'^

^Stu Allardes: 'I like to KILL bugs for fun'^

^Alex Bellemey: 'I bully others to mask my own self-loathing'^

^Tori Fairley: 'Even though I'm richer than she is, I still take money off my sister'^

^Douglas Conn: 'I just can't say NO'^

I submitted these to an exhibition called 'Letters'. This exhibition was surrounding the idea of communication through words, letters and imagery.
I did this project when All American Rejects released, so around 2005-2006...? (I think!)
So my idea was greatly influenced by that song, Dirty Little Secrets is exactly what my images are portraying and this is why I decided to blindfold my models.

Everyone has secrets that they want to keep private and as the eyes are believed to be the windows to the soul, I decided to take this sense away. The viewer can not see the models aways or any facial expressions, so they can not determine how the model is feeling about the secrets that that are admitting.
I then thought about how to display this work. Seeing as the exhibition was entitled, 'Letters', I attached these printed images to same sized envolopes and placed the cards that the secrets were written on in these envolopes.
This work is now in my portfolio and I think it was a big help with getting into UCLan, I has this in my college portfolio and my tutor has since told me that he was impressed that I had already displayed some work in an exhibition!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Body Project

^Arms in Arms^

^Do You Know What It Is?^


For a project surrounding the body in college, I decided to focus upon the naked body and how relationships are shown through the connection of them. Hugging, sex, comfort, and support to me are the most common ways in which bodies relate to each other.
This is what I tried to convey in these images.

^Hanging On^

^I Don't Know How To Feel^

^Not So Safe^

^I'll Protect You^

^Stay Close To Me^

^Turn Away^

Hell Awaits Gig Photoshoot

Here is a set of photographs I took for my friends band, 'Hell Awaits':

Dan Gerrard - Vocals
Matty Nevin - Guitar + Backing Vocals
Dan Simons - Bass
Michael Austin - Drums
Mark Lucas - Guitar

In the end the band broke up but I was just happy to be able to get the chance to do some photography work for them.

Tori's Amatuer Modelling Photographs

This is a link so some of the photographs I took for my friend Tori. She wanted some photos taken for a modelling application. I'm not sure if she used them or they were successful, but we had loads of fun spending the day modelling and having a laugh!

Whilst Wondering in the Garden

Below are some images I took one while sitting in my back garden, while I was back home in Liverpool. I ramdonly started noticing patterns and colour matches around me, so I brought out my camera.

^Tea Towel Sky^

^A House Fit for a Sparrow^

^A Shade of Stain^

^A Light in the Day^

There were more images, but these are the most interesting of the set.

First Blog Entry

Hey all, and welcome to my blog!

I realise that it could be rather late in my photographic practice to start a blog, however I wanted to start this blog to try and, as they say, 'get my work out there'.
Within this blog, I will be displaying some of my favourite works from college, and my first and second years of University.
Although I have both a Flickr and DeviantArt account, I feel as though this blog is better due to the fact that here, I can clearly explain the theorical reasons for each project.

...Feel free to comment on anything! =)