Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Street Photography Blog

As of 10:00 on the 21st of January 2011, my work will be featured on The Street Photography Blog.

The link is below:

I will be the 8th photographer featured, as this blog is relatively new; it explains that it ' all about getting your work featured and letting others see what you can do'. The blog was created by a good friend of mine from Southport College, Ryan Peacock in 2010.

I am very proud to be being featured on the blog, as it has a strong following and the photographers featured are inspirational.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Whilst walking...

These first two images are from a family visit to the water side site, Otterspool Park and Promenade in Liverpool.

The second of these images is my favourite, the positioning of the trees appears like an arch, which appealed to me and made me want to photograph this scene.

The rest of the images were taken whilst walking the family Labrador, Bella, around the Litherland section of the Leeds to Liverpool Canal; and Rimrose Valley in Liverpool which is situated between the suburbs Litherland and Crosby.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Street Photography cont.

I have developed a big interest in being able to simply walk around and photograph; it bewilders me that everyone doesn’t do it. Whenever I go out, it may sound silly, but I do feel free. I don’t have a set project to work to or set of assessment criteria requirements that I have to fulfil. In this blog I have had to chance to write about whatever I want to, just like my photographic practice allows me to take photographs of whatever I like. Below, I have provided some images that I have taken whilst wandering the streets around my home in Liverpool.

The images above where taken in Liverpool, a cup stuffed into a hedge; and a tissue which had been balanced on a small branch on a tree instead of them being placed into a bin. During my studied I came across the work of Richard Wentworth who photographed the similar type of thing, one of his works was a photograph of a number of polystyrene cups stuffed behind a pipe. Wentworth called these the 'last gestures of politeness'. I admire this work as Wentworth was able to, as I like to think, get people to 'notice the invisible' of the street and their surroundings.