Friday, 19 August 2011

Litherland Local History Society Exhibition featuring my work

As a result of the brilliant feedback and support I got from my exhibition in Hatton Hill Park Pavilion, in which I exhibited printed images and a book I produced on Litherland & Bootle; the Litherland Local History Society have decided to host their own exhibition. The book that I made for my final major project in University, solely about Litherland, will also be displayed here, as will a number of my postcards which you can take away and keep!

I am really happy to have been asked to be a part of this exhibition, as I have been in contact with some of the members of the Local History Society since my hosting my own exhibition, in March 2011, and I get on very well with them. For me, (as corny as it may sound), it is actually an honor to be able to display my work along side their findings, personal collections and memories of Litherland.

I hope that those of you from Litherland, Crosby, Waterloo and other neighbouring towns, or even further out toward Liverpool would like to come and can make this exhibition.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary

On Sunday, 31st July 2011, I attended the open afternoon at Shy Lowen and took over 200 photographs of the horses; some in the stables and some out on the grass. Below is the link to my Flickr account, here is a selection of some of the 200 images I took at an open day at Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary, Buckley Hill Lane, Thornton, Liverpool.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Samsung Camera Phone Photography

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of articles or videos on YouTube about camera phones. For example, people using their camera phones to make short stop-motion movies, (, or even do an entire photo shoots with their iPhone, ( I personally love these, and it made me realise just how much I use my phone to take random photographs when I'm out and about, on the rare occasion that I don't have my compact or Canon camera with me. Although everyone now-a-days uses their phones to take pictures, I like to think that I use mine differently, just as I would if I were using my Canon or digital camera. In this post I have decided to share some of the images that I have taken on my Samsung Tocco Ultra Blue Edition camera phone, which has an 8 mega pixel camera. Although I do have a 14 mega pixel digital camera, which is also a Samsung product, I feel that I get the same or close to results from both.
Below are some of the images I have taken on my mobile phone, none of these images have been edited (apart from the addition of my watermark). The colours are exactly how they were when the image was taken, and the camera simply captured them well.

This image (above) is one of my favourites, I love the sky, and the way the two trees meet to make an arch like shape is really nice.

Those images were all take in day time, the image below was taken at night time and I love the colours. It is slightly blurry or fuzzy as I zoomed in quite a bit to take this photograph.

I would love to know if any of you use your camera phones to take pictures, even if its just of yourself, your friends or random things (like mine). And let me know what you think of the quality too, examples welcome! =)
...Just so I'm clearly, in this post I'm simply pointing out how good camera phones can be. I am not slagging off any make of other camera, just saying how well camera phones can photograph. I still now and will forever think that Canon's are remarkable cameras, and will always be my favourite to use!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Litherland Project status...

Lately, I have mostly been blogging about my University project about Litherland; however, now that I have come to the end of the University Course I feel though my project, at this stage is resolved. I completely intend to continue the project in the next few years, as I believe there to be some changes to Litherland, one of which being the alterations to Litherland Lift Brigde; I would like to document all of the changes in Litherland over the next 10 years, and compare them to the old imagery I got from the archive and my previous work. I will still be updating this blog with information about my Litherland Project, should anything come to light.

However, the only news that I have regarding my Litherland Project for the moment is that the book that I produced for my final end of year assignment and show, will be exhibited in an upcoming exhition curated by the Litherland Local History Society. I am very greatful that the members of the society want me to display my book with the imagery and information that they have to show, and would like to thank them for that.

I will be posting information about this exhibiton closer to the time. This will be in September 2011.