Sunday, 13 February 2011

Collaborative Photo Shoot To Come...

This is going to be a slightly different post from the normal post that I do, although it is still about photography and myself, but again in a different way.

My friend Teresa-Adele Roberts (Teri), a fellow student at the University of Central Lancashire has her own freelance photography company, Cunningham Photography, whose work you can see here: ...she is keen to produce a series of images illustrating 'Teen lifestyle' / 'Early twenties lifestyle', and she has asked me to be her model! (Eek.)

I am quite nervous, but even being asked to do this is a big confidence boost for me. I believe that as a photographer it is important to know exactly how your models are feeling when they are being photographer, and what better what to get to know that than being a model yourself? I have had a profession shoot done before, at Double Take studios in Manchester; I went with my sister for a pamper day and a shoot, after receiving an offer at a discounted price. It was a brilliant day, really fun and I do think that everyone should go to a professional for a photoshoot at least once, it really boosted my confidence seeing the photographs after they were touched up a little and shown to us on a big screen in a viewing room.

We will also be working with another friend of mine, Ellie Harvie-August, who will be the make-up artist for the shoot. She and Amy Wright created a very helpful blog, all to do with make-up and fashion; the do's and don'ts, the must haves and the hot trends to give a go! Check out the blog at: They also produce vlogs, make-up tutorials, reviews, and haul videos on the blog and their youtube channel: which you can also access through the blog.

As I have said, I am very excited about doing this photoshoot, and kindly Teri has agreed to furnish me with a copy of the images. This is a great opportunity, for both Teri, Ellie and myself and I am looking forward to it. I will update this blog with the outcome of the shoot, and perhaps a few of the images to further show the skills of Teri and Ellie both of whom I believe to be greatly talented people within their chosen career and passions.