Friday, 30 April 2010

Psychogeography / Street Photography

Throughout the past two years, I have developed a fondness of psychogeography. This is the practice of simply walking for the sake of walking, and documenting your findings along the way. Usually, these findings are documented with a pen and paper or a dictaphone, however I had chosen to document my surroundings with my camera instead. Whilst wondering around the streets of Preston, around the Moor Park area, I came across a lump of play-do sitting on a fence. The play-do was multi-coloured, it seemed psychedelic.

I instantly felt the need to photography this find, it was far too odd not to remember and preserve. I feel that if I do not take a photograph of something like this, then there is a good chance that nobody else will see it either, and therefore it will be lost. There will be no conscious memory of it, I do not know why but that thought makes me feel uncomfortable, the thought that something is going to go missing or won't be there again next time I walk around that corner. However, my images will be available for as long as I want them to be, backed up on my laptop.