Sunday, 12 June 2011


For my final project for University I produced a series of images of my home town, Litherland. However, I tried a number of techniques to get the best of my images, one of which called layering. This method involved chosing my positioning and taking several photographs of the same scene, metering for the highlights (e.g. the sky), and the shadows (e.g. the road), in the frame.

For example, below I have outlined which sections of each image I used as a layer, and then brought into the image by deleting a section of the over lapping layer:

I used the image above as my background layer as it included many of the desired details of the scene.
In the image below I used the bottom left hand side of the image below; the section with the walk way, grass and gate.

I decided to use the sky from the image below.

To finish editing this image, I adjusted the perspective on the building on the right hand side of the image, and cropped the image so that it is similar to the archive photograph that I was comparing it to.
These two images, the archive image and my own are below.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Rimrose Valley, Litherland, Liverpool

Whilst walking our labrador dog, Bella, with my dad on our local field in Litherland, Liverpool; I was able to take my camera along and document some of the beautiful flowers that are on and around the field. The Leeds to Liverpool Canal cuts goes through Litherland, on which I spotted a number of baby ducklings which I also photographed.
These images are displayed on my Flickr account, again due to the size of the files, here: