Friday, 19 August 2011

Litherland Local History Society Exhibition featuring my work

As a result of the brilliant feedback and support I got from my exhibition in Hatton Hill Park Pavilion, in which I exhibited printed images and a book I produced on Litherland & Bootle; the Litherland Local History Society have decided to host their own exhibition. The book that I made for my final major project in University, solely about Litherland, will also be displayed here, as will a number of my postcards which you can take away and keep!

I am really happy to have been asked to be a part of this exhibition, as I have been in contact with some of the members of the Local History Society since my hosting my own exhibition, in March 2011, and I get on very well with them. For me, (as corny as it may sound), it is actually an honor to be able to display my work along side their findings, personal collections and memories of Litherland.

I hope that those of you from Litherland, Crosby, Waterloo and other neighbouring towns, or even further out toward Liverpool would like to come and can make this exhibition.

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